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Mixed Media Landscape Collection 

Rugged & Untamed

There are 5 paintings in this collection, all made from a combination of plaster, alcohol ink, and acrylic paint.  

As you know, I have been studying and sharing the theme of  “LOVE” in the Bible over the past few months in my “Faith Infusion” email segments. It has been both convicting and freeing to learn how deeply we are all loved by the Creator who IS the very essence of LOVE. I have also been moved by your stories and responses to this study as well.


To sum it up, without Jesus, the only thing we have to compare God's love to is sinful humanity, we project these false conceptions about what it must be like. Truth is, God's love is not human; rather,  IT IS SUPERNATURAL.

Even while we may comprehend love on earth, it pales compared to His DIVINE LOVE.  

God's love is rugged & pure.  It can't be tamed or put in a box… for it is wild & overflowing.  At the same time is constant and steadfast, unfailing and even trustworthy as it has no hidden agendas.   It reminds me of these landscapes because they are raw, open and free.  Untouched by industry.  Pure and able to flourish and express itself in all of its beauty. 


Even though we are unlovable, he still loves us.




This collection is based on my months of study and this incredible song by Amanda Cook.  It is called  “Pieces,"  which is a beautiful illustration of His love for us.   It's worth a listen.   (Link at bottom of page)

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