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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Commissioning a piece is the act of requesting the creation of a custom piece

to suit your style and space.

Together we create a custom piece for your home, or business, or as the perfect gift.

Commissioning an artwork is a truly inspiring and exciting experience.



Below are 6 answers to the most frequently asked questions of this process. 

Contact me to discuss your peice >
  • Is there a price chart available for commision paintings?
    YES! Fill out the "Want to know more before committing?" form and I will send you my basic comission pricing chart relative to size, medium and finishings.
  • How do I begin the commission process?
    Know your space and budget. We start by collaborating on color ideas that will compliment your interior paint colors, fabric swatches and furnishings. Look through my site and tell me the titles of the pieces you are attracted to. I can guide you through the rest. Your order officially begins when you have officially chosen a size and made your deposit.
  • What if I want changes during the process?
    If you like my current work and believe in my artistic vision, I am happy to work with you and accommodate a few edits. Once the process has begun, I will send you progress photos along the way and for that extra added touch, I can do 1-2 live video chats during the process to make sure we are on the same page and your opinions feel considered and heard before the piece is consided finished "finished". I usually do one video call prior to starting and one prior to completeltion.
  • What does the payment process look like?
    You can pay in two installment. There is a 50% deposit up front to begin your order. The remaining half is to be paid upon completion provided you are100% happy with the results.
  • What if I am not 100% satisfied with the finsihed product?
    I would never make someone purchase a painting there were not completley happy with. I will work closely with you throughout the creation process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the all aspects of the piece. The deposit is non-refundable but good can use it as store credit to apply to another painting. Thankfully this has never happened and I will do my very best to make sure you are not the first.
  • When can I expect the painting to be completed?
    Depending of the season it generally takes 6-12weeks for commsion work. However, if you have special event or specific deadline to reach, I will do my very best to accomadate that within reason.

Please note that Christine Mathews - CMBear retains all rights to the artwork.  The commissioner or receiver reserves the right to display the artwork in their home or business. CMBear artwork or prints may not be resold or reproduced for profit under any circumstances without the artist's written permission.

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