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30x30 Tree of Life.jpeg

Mixed Media Art Works

These paintings are a representation of the “Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden in the biblical text.  

 Through intense and compassionate love, God exiled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to prevent them from eating from the “Tree of Life.”


Even while we may comprehend love on earth, it pales compared to His DIVINE LOVE.  

God's love is rugged & pure.  It can't be tamed or put in a box… for it is wild & overflowing.  


Assortment of alcohol Ink florals on birch cradle board. 


Mixed Media Art Works

This collection of 10 x 10" Tree of Life paintings centers around the Tree of Life from the bible.  Scriptures of belief and faith have been embedded into each tree's structure and the tree has been named according to that scripture.


Assortment of mixed media florals on birch cradle board. 

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