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The Promises Collection

The Promise Collection was a decade in the making.

Over the years,  through prayer and meditation, I have envisioned these spherical, orb-like structures.  For the longest time, I couldn't pinpoint any meaning.  All I knew was the sight of them, filled me with a sense of deep anticipation and hope.

One day God explained everything.


"They represent my promises." He impressed.

"As you have dreamt of holding on to them, so you can hold onto my promises. 

They are tangible and true and on their way to you. 

Don't let go. Hold on.  If I spoke it, it WILL come to pass." 

Each one of these paintings is based on one of my favourite scriptures, Promises spoken to me but that you can receive for yourself.

My hope is that you'll be reminded that you are loved and God has not forgotten the promises and dreams he has set in your heart.  

I pray that it acts as a talisman and redirects you to His faithfulness.

Each original, orb is painted with a modern, cool, blue palette of acrylic paint and ink then accented with the rich warmth of 24k gold leafing.   Two of these mixed media works are on 10 x10 canvas while the other seven are on high-quality, cold-pressed watercolour paper varying in sizes from 4x6" to 8x8".


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