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MR turned 3, A Toddler Plane Party!!

As you have seen in my IG feed, our son Mitchell Ryne is now a big boy!! We are so incredibly thankful for this bright light in our lives. He is truly his namesake,

a "Gift from God."

And of course...any reason for me to plan a PARTAY is a good reason to get wildly creative!

Maybe I should have been a party planner.!?!

Check out all the crazy stuff I put together.

I proudly went overboard. lol

So FUN!!

We really wanted the kids to have an "EXPERIENCE."

Three weeks prior to the party date, I sent out the invites. I got all my invitations and some of the party printable's through GreyFox Illustrations. Diana was a dream to work with and here return time was stealth speed.

Check her out. She has so many other other adorable options too!

The adorable photo she inserted was taken by photographer Rachel Lambert who also designed my fabulous website.

Check her out for all your marketing and personal photography needs at

She is is one of the best I have ever worked with!!!

Note: I have purposefully photoshopped our RSVP information and address for this post just to maintain privacy. Grey Fox Illustrations had all that information on there when I forwarded it to all my guests.


When the kids entered (15 of them with their parents!,) the first thing they saw was a runway strip down our driveway leading them to the party.

My husband and brother-in-law did this wth simple white duct tape.

Guest's were instructed to park their bikes and strollers in the "Pilot's Parking" area and drop their gifts off under the big #3.

Banner made by my sister with her Circut machine. That thing is a dream!!!!!

There they were greeted by the cutest pilot EVER!!! (none other than the birthday boy himself!)

His pilots hat I bought at the Calgary Airport on our last visit to see my sister. It was a bit big so I pinched it to size and quickly sewed it at the back. Secure but ealy to undue when his head gets bigger lol

The T-shirt we bought off Amazon.

It came with shorts but it was cool out that day so we didn't use them.

We set up a treats and goodie bad table nearby as they would be leaving the same way they came in.

I had so much fun handcrafting all these takeaways.

1. Homemade airplane and cloud cookies . Cutters purchased here...

2. Homemade Marshmallow Propeller Pops

3. Suckers and assorted candy purchased from our local Party City store in jars I previously purchased from HomeSense for my wedding candy table (Note: Worth the purchase...these have been used MANY times over. lol)

4. Handcrafted goodie bags I made to look like luggage and tagged with adorable printable's by Grey Fox Illustrations (linked below)

5. Table banner made again with Grey Fox Illustrations printable's (linked below) and some long blue ribbon I got from our local store.

6. My favourite by far were the Plane Bubble Tubes. An easy construction with Bristol board, a glue gun and some #3 printouts I made up using a word program on my laptop.

Then..... there was the food & drink tables.

These printable's I made myself grabbing free stock images on line and finessing them in a word program.

OH....and we can't forget about the CAKE.

I made a small, plain, buttercream coated, marble cake filled with vanilla pudding, to finish, I laced with a ribbon a start ribbon and topped it with a handmade fondant bi-plane and sparklers. oh a candle. Cuz you can't ruddy-well blow out sparklers! I also made up 24 cupcakes topped with more Grey Fox illustrations printable's to satisfy all the other bellies. (again...linked below)

(FUN FACT: If you look closely at the "blowing out the candle pic." Seconds after the "poser" shot's I dropped the cake smack on its' top. Thankfully a good friend saved the day by acting fast and scooping it up with a spatula (Everyone needs a calm, cool friend like Lisa!!) The kids were none the wiser. lol

The true pièce de résistance was the bi-plane I made out of a cardboard and regular foam board you can purchase from your local Home Depot. I fastened it all together with fabric garden staples making sure none poked through the thickness of the structure.

The kids went crazy over this!!!!

I left the tail end complete open so they could move in and out freely. Even with 15 kids in and out of it, and a a few on top of the nose from time to time, the construction held up nicely.

Reinforcing with foam board is essential though!!!

The nose was also beefed up with plaster casting.

In the end the only thing that got broken was the propeller.

All in all the day was a grande success!!!

Mentioned PRINTABLE'S: Grey Fox Illustrations

All PARTY PHOTO"S taken by

and WOW... Tara out does herself again with these INCREDIBLE images!!

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