Order your very own CUSTOM, hand-painted alcohol ink mug by CMBearArt today!

Each 16oz mug is sealed with a triple-thick, UV-resistant coating and signed by the artist.


Choose up to 2 colours + 1 metallic (gold, silver or bronze.)


** NOTE:  Alcohol ink is a 'fluid medium' & a single colour dries in a variety of shades. 

When choosing more than one colour, consider how your choices will mix to create a third colour. 

Eg: Yellow and pink/red combine to create orange. 


If you are having difficulties with your colour choices, feel free to message me prior to purchase. 

I will respond within 24hrs.


This item is food-safe.

Handwash with mild soap and water only.

If choosing a metallic accent, this item will not be microwave safe.

Custom Alcohol Ink Mug